Half Day for a Typhoon

I stayed in the office for my first entire week. Even though I didn’t take any trips, I still had a lot of work to do. I have been working on updating a program called eT2M2. This program displays an interactive map of the different adoptors of FNRI products throughout the Philippines. The information in this system hasn’t been updated since around 2014, and there has been a large increase in the number of adoptors since that time. I have been compiling the information necessary for input into the program, but unfortunately no one that currently works at the Institute knows how to use the program. The most difficult part of compiling this information is finding the exact latitude/longitude of the different adoptors. In the Philippines, they don’t usually use addresses. The most precise that I have gotten is a street name, and even that is rare. In most cases the company provides a barangay name as the location of their business. This means that I have been having to go through via google maps street view in order to find the different business adoptors. This has been a very long process, but rewarding in the end.

A highlight of my week was attending a seminar named “United for Healthier Kids.” This seminar is focused on bringing the FNRI pinggang pinoy to 5 different schools in the Calauan, Laguna area. I was able to watch the chef and assistants learn how to make the 28 different meals that they will be preparing for the students through the 7 months that they will be carrying out this study. The best part was that we got to sample all of these meals. They had some delicious vegan options that I will be making in the future.

On Thursday, we were able to leave work early due to Typhoon Gorio. Apparently it wasn’t a bad typhoon, but everyone was preparing for the worst. I am just happy that I was able to experience a typhoon before I left the Philippines. During the weekend, one of my coworkers took me and Shravya out to the Bonifacio Global City area for some touristy stuff. I think that BGC will be one of the next hipster capitals of the world. There was even a Lush there.    


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